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Lighting cords with switches and lamp holders

Our lighting cords are mainly used for

  1. Table lamp(reading lamp)

  2. Appliance controlled by switch

  3. Lantern

  4. Festival ,such as Christmas,Easter....

Customed accessories of lamp cords:

   1.Power plug(male A): YSB-01,YSC-01,YSA-01,YSE-02,YSF-01,YSD-01,YSD-02,YSG-01,YSI-01,YSM-01,YSM-02;

   2.Lamp holder: E12(bakelite lampholder,porcelain lampholder)
                          E14(bakelite lampholder,plastic lampholder,porcelain lampholder)
                         E17(plastic lampholder,bakelite lampholder)
                         E26(bakelite lampholder,plastic lampholder,porcelain lampholder)
                         E27(bakelite lampholder,plastic lampholder)
                         E39(porcelain lampholder)

   3.Switch:  foot switch,303/304/307 switch,gear switch,dimmer switch.

   4.cord strain relief:

Also,we can help clients to source related bulbs to save the cost and time.

Many kinds of lamp cords we have produced as below:

lamp cord light cord lamp cords light cords
salt lamp salt lamp cord salt lamp cords salt lamps
e14 lamp cord e14 light cord e27 light cords e26 lamp cords
gear switch lamp cord 303 switch lamp cord 303 switch light cord e12 salt lamp cord
fuse christmas lamp cord fused lamp cord 3 position switch cord More Application ...