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AC power cords


Standard non-rewireable / rewireable AC power cords, custom designed power cord and Power distribution units.

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Multi-leg cords:(Y)

power sharing ! we release a new power cord designed to power 2 different units while only drawing power from one outlet. This new cord comes in many different configurations and lengths to handle different voltages and amperages. it has been used in Lenovo computer and GEO light.

y power cord multi-leg power cord

String light cords


String Lights are beloved for the classic look they bring to Parties, Weddings and Other Special Events, and we make it easy to make them your own. These String Light sets offer the convenience of ready-to-use lights for homeowners and event planners. The hugely popular Globe String Lights, also called C7 and C9 String Lights, offer sets and pre-packaged, affordable solutions for all Home, Restaurant, Event or Wedding Lighting needs. For Indoor or Outdoor .

Light cords

Also named cord with lights or lamp cords. power cords with plug,switch and socket,all the assembly are certificated by ul/cul,vde,and so on.mainly used in the table lamp,working light,and festival lamps.

lamp cord light cord

Extension cords

Yaosheng electric co.,ltd is releasing many kinds of extension cords.which is a length of flexible electrical power cord (flex) with a plug on one end and one or more sockets on the other end (usually of the same type as the plug).

extension cord extension cord

Wiring harness

Wiring Harnesses for the Automotive,home appliance and car industries. Discrete wire cabling, Bundled cable assemblies and Sub-Assembly/Kitting
wire harenss wiring harness

Power cord switch

Most of this are used in lamp and home appliance.

on lin switch 3 position on line switch

DC power cord/connector

Standard Moulded / Rewireable DC power cord connecters, custom designed power cord and Power distribution units.

dc power supply cord dc connector