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Big market of power cord and cable in Kazakh
1, the Kazakh market and greater demand
Kazakhstan population of approximately 15 million, Kazakhstan, no domestic production of electrical equipment and accessories, its power stations by the Russian production of electrical equipment. The World Bank plans to 1 billion US dollars for Kazakhstan variable transmission network repair; Kazakhstan and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development has signed 40 million US dollars loan and other preparations for further loans; the development of power transmission network, increasing the capacity of the wire and cable market demand.

Kazakhstan power imbalance in the distribution of resources, the northern and eastern parts of the power surplus, southern and western shortage, the need to import. Kazakhstan power imbalance, the need for power transmission, power transmission will be increased demand for wire and cable, thus increasing the capacity of the market. At present, Kazakhstan electricity demand growth of 5% to 6% growth rate for the corresponding growth in electricity supply, increase the demand for wire and cable, thereby increasing the power cable market capacity.

In the automotive, wire and cable cars as the main fields of application. Kazakhstan and other CIS countries, the vehicle has entered a period of the former Soviet Union the lives of the civilian population, is not considered high-end luxury, with a very high penetration rate. With the economic development in recent years Kazakhstan, the volume of motor vehicles is to maintain 30% annual growth rate. According to statistics, by early 2006, the total number of motor vehicles Kazakhstan 1807737, an average of 1,000 people each have 120. One for cars, 1556453, accounting for 86.1 percent of the total. Kazakhstan's manufacturing and relatively backward, in particular the maintenance of the wire and cable market demand is relatively large.

2, the establishment of bilateral trade and cooperation mechanism

China and Kazakhstan Cooperation Committee ports and the Customs Cooperation Sub-committee on trade statistics data exchange to resolve differences in trade statistics, Sino-Kazakh pipeline energy monitoring and revise the Customs ports open a range of issues, including the agreement on a wide-ranging exchange of views and reached a consensus, to promote bilateral trade and development.

3, Kazakhstan accession to the WTO is expected to end

Kazakhstan in 1996 for accession to the WTO, has ended with the 19 members of the WTO bilateral negotiations, is expected to join the WTO by the end of the bilateral negotiations. With the accession to the WTO agenda Kazakhstan close, China's exports of Kazakhstan will be able to enjoy the tariff between WTO members.

See Kazakhstan in the larger market opportunities at the same time, we should also see the risk for enterprises draw.

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